Seth Ordway

Seth was made part of the Early College Program team in the summer of 2021.

Before joining, Seth worked as a middle school classroom teacher for one year in Hermon. He also spent several summers working for Pineland Farms. He helped educate the public on topics such as agriculture, horticulture, and the history of the farm.

Seth is an alumni of the University of Maine, graduating with a B.S. in Secondary Education in 2020 with the intention of working with high school students. In his current position, he wishes to assist students in their transition from high school into college. As someone who benefited from taking college courses while in high school, he feels inspired to make sure students today understand how they can benefit by following this path themselves.

In his personal time, Seth loves to be outside. He travels around the state to go hiking whenever he can and has an interest in learning more about and studying Maine forests.