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The Division of Lifelong Learning (DLL) supports UM’s mission of research, teaching, and public service, through our broad spectrum of alternative educational programs and services.  Our mission is three-fold; to expand access to UM’s degrees and certificate programs through evening and online courses; to offer unique and innovative educational programs on campus and in the community; and to expand the community’s access to our beautiful facilities in Orono and Belfast.

Expanding access to UM’s degrees and certificates

DLL serves UM students by offering more than 500 courses year round, including during Winter Session and Summer University.  We have partnered with Think 30 to help undergraduate students complete 30 credits per year, so as to help them graduate in 4 years lowering their overall college debt. We are committed to ensuring that our students have choices that meet their scheduling needs so they can continue their educational progress.

DLL also serves adult learners and working professionals who need flexibility in their life schedules.  Are you interested in completing your first degree, or advancing your career through graduate studies?  We offer an extensive selection of courses and programs in the evening and online.  Through our signature UMaineOnline program, you have access to UM’s world-class faculty.  Be a Black Bear from Anywhere!

Unique educational programs

DLL offers a broad spectrum of innovative and alternative academic programs and services designed to provide educational access and equal opportunity to the people of Maine.  From our Bureau of Labor Education, which supports the Maine Labor force through educational programs, to our Camden International Film Festival, Camden Conference, and PopTech courses, to our summer travel programs, we are constantly innovating to find ways to bring rich and diverse learning opportunities to our students.

Expanding access to our campuses

Our conference services and event planning teams on the Orono and Belfast campuses, coordinate a rich selection of conferences, meetings, symposia, and professional development programs annually.  The Hutchinson Center in Belfast serves as UM’s educational and cultural hub for the mid-coast community, broadening access to UM’s academic and non-degree programs and services, and professional and career development opportunities.