Lisa Hastings

Lisa is an Administrative Specialist for the Division of Lifelong Learning (DLL). Her current responsibilities include providing administrative support for the Associate Dean of the DLL and fiscal, course scheduling, and data support, to the DLL Operations Team.

She joined the DLL Advising Center and Student Support Services team back in 2013 through the temporary hiring pool. She quickly became known in the department as a hard worker and was assigned many projects, before permanently being hired after just three months. She has assisted with Winter Session and Summer University appeals and enrolling students throughout the year. She has played a key role in the Early College Programs and was responsible for bringing the entire application process into the electronic age.

She is currently taking courses as she can fit them in to her busy work schedule and will join the Bachelor of University Studies degree program in fall 2018. She plans to major in University Studies, with a Leadership Track.

She hails from Bangor, Maine, but as an Army dependent, has lived in many places throughout her life. Caring for her elderly father brought her home to Maine in 2005. Her past work has included medical assisting, mortgage banking, and food service management.