2017 Camden Conference Course

2017 Camden Conference Course

Announcing a special three-credit UMaine course with three classes on Saturdays (January 21, March 25 and April 22) at the University of Maine campus in Orono, plus conference attendance on February 17–19, 2017 in Camden.

Refugees and Global Migration:
Humanity’s Crisis

This course accompanies the 2017 Camden Conference of the same theme. Some 60 million people are currently displaced, more than at any other time in history. Many different factors have caused this unprecedented global surge in migration. Some states have collapsed, while others suffer from protracted civil war. The population is growing rapidly in much of Africa, the Middle East, and Central America, while traditional employment is declining and climate change is making life even harder for the most vulnerable peoples. This course will look at a wide range of historical, political, and economic issues, asking such questions as, how can we best deal with the failed states and terrorist organizations that are both cause and effect of many mass migrations? To what extent are race, ethnicity, and religion causing regional dislocation? What is the impact on countries such as Turkey and Germany, which have absorbed great numbers of new immigrants, and how might the existing world order be altered by these challenges? Finally, as a country built by immigrants, how should the United States respond?

There are no prerequisites and instructor permission is not required for the undergraduate courses.

Course designators:
Undergraduate Level: POS 369, HON 338, INA 201, PAX 398, UST 400
Graduate Level: PAX 598, POS 596, SPI 590

Students seeking graduate credit should register for POS 596 or SPI 590 and consult with Paul Holman, paul.holman@umit.maine.edu; 207.236.7087 regarding course requirements.

Anna Welch, Professor, University of Maine Law School
Stefano Tijerina, Professor, Maine Business School
Paul Holman, Professor, Department of Political Science
Seth Singleton, Professor, Department of Political Science

To register, call the Division of Lifelong Learning 207.581.3143

For more information, call Theresa McMannus 207.581.4095

For more information on Camden Conference program development, confirmed speakers, and community events on topics related to the conference theme, Refugees and Global Migration, visit camdenconference.org.