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Welcome to the Division of Lifelong Learning

The mission of the University of Maine Division of Lifelong Learning (DLL) is to promote learning as a continuous and lifelong process and to provide experiences that enhance quality of life, empower individuals and organizations, improve professional practice and foster global understanding throughout Maine and beyond.  The DLL mission is accomplished through a broad spectrum of innovative and alternative academic programs and services designed to provide educational access and equality of opportunity to the people of Maine.

New Adult Degree Completion Scholarship!

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Complete Your Degree

At the Lifelong Advising Center, we want to be sure you know that beginning on March 17,  UMaine is offering a 5-week on-line course for adults who want to complete a college degree and are looking for accessible, stimulating, and challenging courses in a program of study that fits their unique needs.

UST 100 Introduction to the Bachelor of University Studies is designed to help you find a good fit between your degree aspirations and an individual program of study that will work with your life as a busy adult.  In the course, you and fellow students will survey academic and career-development resources, looks at issues in learning style and expectations for work in different university disciplines (also known as learning communities), and reflect on personal goals, values, skills, and challenges that will face you on the way to completing a college degree. You’ll learn how to design a program of study at the University that will enable you to pursue your goals (much or all of it online, or at convenient campuses, sites, and centers).

We welcome calls and questions about the course.

You can reach us online at or phone 201.581-3143 and ask for one of the team.

The DLL Advising Center

The DLL Advising Center at the University of Maine is the point of access to degree programs and lifelong learning opportunities for adult learners at the flagship campus of the University of Maine system.

Our DLL Advising Center team can explain a variety of options for enhancing your educational credential in a way that works with your life as a busy adult.


The University of Maine Academ-e program offers courses for university credit to Maine high school juniors and seniors through online technologies.

Academ-e consists of courses representing five broad areas: mathematics, sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences. Through nominations by high school principals, guidance counselors and teachers, all Maine high schools are eligible to have students enroll in the Academ-e on a first-come, first-served basis.

Travel Study

In University of Maine Travel Study courses, students spend a small amount of time in a traditional classroom environment as they learn about the country or area they will be visiting. Then, they spend the rest of their course time in a fascinating area of the world exploring a whole new culture, eating the local cuisine, and experiencing life as the locals do.

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