Kaltura Media Service

How to Access your My Media Library

Your My Media library is a repository for videos within Kaltura. Every student or faculty in the UMS system has their own My Media library and each user controls the editing, privacy, and distribution of their own content.

Access your Kaltura My Media library either through your UMS portal or through Blackboard.

  • Via the Portal: UMaine hosts a Kaltura MediaSpace (similar to a YouTube Channel) that can be reached through the UMS portal login
  • Via LMS:  In LMS (i.e. Brightspace), My Media can be accessed through a “My Media” link available on your navbar in Brightspace.

Because Kaltura is integrated with LMS, publishing videos from this library to your LMS courses will be streamlined.


Adding Content to your My Media library

Once you are in My Media you can add content to your My Media library by directly uploading files, linking to YouTube videos, or by using the built-in desktop recorder software called CaptureSpace.  You can do all of this via your browser on your mobile device or on your desktop computer.


Downloading and Using KalturaCapture

KalturaCapture is a recording software that uses a Mac or PC to easily record anything from slideshow presentations to discussion board responses. KalturaCapture is linked to your Kaltura My Media library, allowing for easy uploading.

Download KalturaCapture to your Mac or PC to provide easy access to the desktop recording device. For mobile devices, Kaltura MediaSpace would be available in your mobile app store.


Submitting Videos in Your Course

You can submit video content to your course directly to a discussion board, assessment, or assignment using the Mash-Up tools. When you select Mash-Up from the textbox of your assignment or discussion board in Blackboard, select Kaltura Video to enter your My Media library where you can select the video to post to the course. If the Kaltura Video does not appear from the drop-down list, your instructor will need to activate the tools for your course.

Some faculty may ask you to submit a video to the course media gallery.  The course media gallery will be a tool in your Blackboard course. Your instructor will be able to moderate submissions before they become public in the course media gallery.


Using Kaltura outside of Learning Management System (LMS)

If your class uses Kaltura but does not use any LMS, then you can access Kaltura MediaSpace using the UMaine Portal.

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