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How to Access Brightspace (BSp)

  1. Use an internet browser and go to UMaine portal
  2. Use your MaineStreet credentials and sign in at the login screen.
  3. Click on the Brightspace icon via the launchpad on the portal website. 


Trouble logging into Brightspace (BSp)

Brightspace credential is identical to your MaineStreet credential.  If you have a difficult time to log into BSp, please check to make sure:

  1. Your MaineStreet info is correct.
  2. You are currently a University of Maine student. 
  3. You are currently enrolled in a course with UMaine.
  4. You have a current and active MaineStreet password. (check info at

If you completed the checklist and still have an issue, you can contact UMS:IT Student Support for further assistance.


How to learn more about Brightspace (BSp)

Brightspace (BSp) is a very powerful class learning tool.  It provides an online environment for students to learn and collaborate with course materials.  Brightspace has created in-depth guides for students/learners to further understand and excel in its platform.

The detailed official guide on how to use Brightspace for learners can be found in this Brightspace Learner Help Guide.

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