Cindi Peterson, LCSW

Cindi Peterson, LCSW is the Counselor for TRIO Student Support Services (SSS), part of College Success Programs and also provides counseling through her private practice in Bangor.

Cindi earned a B.A. in Social Work from University of Maine, Orono in 2004 and an MA in Social Work from The University of New England in 2005. Cindi was a transfer student to the University of Maine and earned a 4.0 G.P.A. for program completion during her Bachelor’s degree program. She was also selected as the 2004 recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award for Lifelong Learning through the Division of Lifelong Learning at the University of Maine. Cindi completed her MSW through an Advanced Standing Master’s degree program at the University of New England and graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 G.P.A.

Cindi’s passion for seeking a clinical degree has always been working with at-risk youth and trauma survivors. She seeks to help individuals discover their unique gifts and to provide them with hope and opportunity so they may reach their fullest potential despite the adversity they may experience. Cindi has been richly rewarded in her career; working in residential treatment settings providing individual, group and family treatment to youth with mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities. She has also provided home-based treatment to families and outpatient therapy services to children and adults, aged 18 months – 94+. Cindi recognizes the crucial role of education in providing opportunity and in overcoming disadvantage and is pleased to offer counseling at the college level to support TRIO/SSS students.