Amy Olivia Pierce, MFA

Amy Olivia Pierce is an Instructional Designer with the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at the University of Maine. Her lateral career trajectories as an interdisciplinary artist and researcher, photographer and educator strengthen and inform each other. She integrates photography, videography, performance, installation, textile, sound, text, and audience engagement into her creative practice, with research efforts spanning art, sociology, psychology, gender studies, marketing and theatre. She explores the elasticity of what is perceived as “normal” behavior within the temporary boundaries created by ritual activities. Pierce has worked as a commercial and editorial photographer, producing national and international projects with clients that include AT&T and The Village Voice, as well as specializing in shooting public and private events. Her photography has been exhibited at various dedicated art spaces including the Brooklyn Museum, as well as on the walls of her clients. Pierce is an adjunct assistant professor of New Media at the University of Maine, where she incorporates a teaching and research style, in technology enhanced, student-centered learning environments. She approaches project-based learning by incorporating multiple modalities including lecture, discussion, collaboration, critique, demonstration, active in-class learning and activities outside of the classroom. Pierce received a BFA from the University of Connecticut and an MFA from the University of Maine, where she is currently a candidate for an Interdisciplinary Ph.D.