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Kennebec River Cushnac Trading Post Christian Science Church Fort Western Ancient Hallowell Augusta General Hospital Augusta Mental health institute Cony High school Water Street 1865 Water Street 18th & 19th Century women's christian temperance union Water Street Artists Studios The Vickory building Granite block Penney memorial united baptist church Monument Park Memorial circle The blaine House Maine State Capitol Maine State Cultural building Saint Mary's church and school the Maine State Grange The Nineteenth century Mansion Kennebec County Jail Kennebec County Court House Young Mens Christian Association Corner of Winthrop and State Street Lithgow library Johnson-Baker-shelton house Saint Mark's Home for Women Saint Mark's Episcopal Church South Parish Congregational Church Credits
Phyllis VonHerrlich, a Maine Studies student and a 2002 graduate of the University of Maine , completed the research for this history trail as her senior capstone for the Bachelor of University Studies . Aaron Milligan was the grpahic designer and Justin Hafford was the web designer for this site. Phyllis welcomes all additions, corrections, and comments at Phyllis.vonHerrlich@umit.maine.edu
The University of Maine Cony female Academy Cony High School Water Street 1865 Saint Mark's Episcopal Boothby Street Boarding House Mt. vernon Avenue - Bond Brook Mt. Vernon Avenue tenement Bond Street Cotton Mill Site St. Augustine's Church and School Edward's House Colonial theatre Boarding Houses Augusta City Hall