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Travel Study


Have you ever wanted to see the world?

Do you have an interest in learning about other cultures, languages, and areas of the world?

Then the University of Maine’s Travel Study Courses are the answer for you! With Travel study courses, students spend a small amount of time in a traditional classroom environment as they learn about the country or area they will be visiting. Then, they spend the rest of their course time in a fascinating area of the world exploring a whole new culture, eating the local cuisine, and experiencing life as the locals do. By signing up for one of our many travel study courses, you will get the chance to learn all about the culture you are most interested in, visit the area, eat the food and do the activities that the natives enjoy. You may even learn a new language as you interact with the people around you.

Download the Travel Studies Handbook (PDF)

Travel Study Courses



  • FRE 398 (3127)
  • Course Fee: TBA
  • Travel Dates: May 16-30, 2014
  • Permission
  • Contact Information: Dr. Marie-Joelle St. Louis Savoie, Little Hall 201, 207.581.2075,



  • INT 475 (46597)
  • Course Fee: $5096
  • Course Dates: Jan. 13-Mar. 16
  • Travel Dates: Mar. 4-14, 2014
  • Permission
  • Contact Information: Aram Calhoun,  Nutting Hall 222, 207.581.3010,


  • CHF 404 (47117)CHF404
  • Course Fee: $4,239
  • Course Dates: Jan. 21-May 29
  • Travel Dates: May 11-29, 2014
  • Permission
  • Contact Information: Sandy Caron, Merrill Hall 118, 207.581.3138,


  • CHF404 (47120)CHF404-Mexico
  • Course Fee: $2416
  • Course Dates: Jan. 29-May 30
  • Travel Dates: May 14-30, 2014
  • Permission
  • Contact Information: Julie DellaMattera,  207.581.3118,
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